Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Public Transit May Save Your Retirement

For many Americans when they think of retirement they think of financial planning. Very few think of transportation. For many of us driving retirement is inevitable. Research shows men outlive their ability to drive by six years and for women it's about 10 years.
New Public Transit Riders
Retirees enjoying their
first ride on public transit!

What happens when you no longer driver? Who do you ask for a ride? Neighbors? Children? Grandchildren? Friends? The answer is yes. You begin to prepare for your transportation while you continue to drive.

However, like most American's you want your independence and want to remain self reliant. Riding public transportation is an excellent way to control your schedule. However, for many adults over 65 years of age it's been a long time since you've ridden the public. Here are a few ideas to get you out in your community on public transportation.

We Get Around! Transportation Instruction Judi Bonilla
Plan your driving retirement and
learn how to use public transportation.
Do your homework. Contact your local transportation provider to find out if they offer "Travel Instruction" or "Travel Training" classes. These classes are often available to older adults who are transitioning out of driving. Led by a trained Travel Instructor you'll learn how to plan and travel using your communities public transportation systems.


If classes are unavailable in your community, GoogleMaps is now your best friend. For novices I suggest planning a trip to a local mall or another familiar location. In GoogleMaps you can plan and get detailed directions to your destination

Before you leave home pack light. That means removing extra money, credit cards, and jewelry. As a novice transit ride everything you experience will be new. Keep your focus on personal safety and not how heavy your bag is! I also suggest carrying a coin purse and use this to keep your exact fare and ticket.  

With age comes wisdom and also rights to priority seating. After paying your fare use the seating closest to the driver for your journey. Once you become a regular transit rider carrying a book is always an excellent way to avoid an unwanted conversation.

The important point is to get out and explore your community using public transportation. Using public transportation is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle as you age.

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